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Thursday, December 11, 2008

My All Time Favourite Author...

You guess, who is she?
As a child, I love to read all the adventures and mysteries' book that she wrote. She was the most successful children's storytellers of the twentieth century as stated in wikipedia. Some of her famous known character are Noddy, The Famous Five, and The Secret Seven. I've got a whole series of the The Five Find-outer and the Dog at my home. I treasured it and read it again & again. I also got a whole lot of the Magic Faraway books and other fantasies & adventures she wrote. I'm still looking some of the Circus Series & The Naughtiest Girl that i've read when i was a child. Nowadays, i read her books to my two son and they love it very much. If i'm going to the book store, i'm still looking for her books and buy some. I guess i'm still a child at heart. Mmmm....
Have you guess right? Well, click here to make sure!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

All She Ever Wanted

Title : All She Ever Wanted
Author : Patrick Redmond
Genre : Thriller
Date read : December 2008

" Only the weak fall in love. The strong survive on their own."

It's about an unsecured girl who being abandoned by her mother. Her father left them without saying goodbye just a note saying he's sorry. At school, the boys and girls were bullying her and call her names, saying that her father was in jail. She didn't have anyone to turn to. Even though her aunt and cousin always protected her, she still felt left out. Her mother hated her and blamed her for her father's missing in action. She always let her classmates taunting her, telling how ugly she was, how freaking she was until finally she had had enough. She transformed into a gorgeous lady whom everybody envied and desired. She controlled everybody around her with her new bold, self-reliant personality. Until a man came a stole her heart. She was afraid to let the love done its things but it kept her new personality in a turmoil and nothing can ever be allowed to do that. Control must be maintained and love must be on her terms. No matter how dreadful those terms might be.
The first 1/3 of the book was so touchy. It's begin with Christina Ryan's childhood life where she lost her father, bullied by her friends, lost her mother's love and earned her hatred. Then, the stories entwined into Chrissie's (That's Christina after she's changed into a new person) life as a 25 year old gorgeous. She's not the one who made the killing, but a man that was so in love with her did it. But the the court will convict her as a co-conspirator. Alexander love Chrissie, Chrissie love Jack but Jack love Ali. Alex killed Ali and Jack thought Chrissie was behind all this madness. Mmm..i like to know what happen to Chrissie coz the story end there..

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Dorothy Komsoon ...

Title : The Cupid Effect & My Best Friend's Girl
Author : Dorothy Komsoon
Genre : Fiction

I've read two of her books, "The Cupid Effect" & "My Best friend's Girl". The novel were so inspiring and touche. When you read her, you are seeing the reality out there. It's always about love but the love were interjected with such words that it seems ... honest.

The Cupid Effect is about a black woman, Ceri D'Altroy, that left her job to be a psychology lecturer in Leeds. Even though she blamed Oprah Winfrey for the change she made in her life, she's just following her heart. While she's struggling with her love life, she seems to inspire other people around her to change their life. She's just like a cupid but the modern version of it. Everybody she knew will pour out their heart out and waiting for her words of wisdom. Until at one point, she's making a decision not to be a "cupid" but in despair to learn that its a gift that she can't avoid. Apart from that, she's looking for the right man in her life, (even though she always thought that Angel from Buffy The Vampire Slayer her man! Even i can't resist Angel with his black outfit, nice & yummy *wink*). At last, she's able to overcome all obstacle & find her Angel right in front of her nose!

My Best Friend's Girl. Just reading the first two pages of the book, makes me crying. Maybe it's because of the mother-daughter "thingy" which Komsoon wrote that makes me sensitive. How do you (Kamryn Matika) feel when your best friend (that is Adele Brannon in this book) was having a "thing" with your fiance (Nate) and they have a child from it? Then, your best friend is dying and she makes you promise her that you'll look after her daughter? At first, i'm reading this book teary-eyed all the way through. Then, the paces were going much stronger with a new character (Luke Wiseman) which at first you'll hate but then you'll love it at the end. Some of the prologue for you...

..." anyway, on this particular day i sat at the station and a woman came and stood beside me. She got her mobile out of her bag and made a call. When the person on the other end picked up she said, 'Hello, it's Felicity Halliday's mother here. I'm calling because she's not very well and she won't be coming to school today'. I fell apart. Just broke down in tears. It hit me then, right then, that i would never get the chance to make a call like that. I would not get to do the simple mum thing like call my daughter's school. The were a million things i would never get to do again and that was one of them. ... then this man, this angel, came to me, sat down, put his arm around me and held me while i cried. The train came, the train left. As did the next one and the next one. But this man stayed with me. Stayed with me as i cried and cried. i totally soaked and snotted up the shoulder of his nice suit jacket but he didn't seem to mind, he waited and held me until i stopped wailing. Then he gently asked me what was wrong. Through my sobs, all i could say was, "i've got to tell my little girl i'm going to die.""

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

My Annual Love Letters

I've just read the next chapter of "Double Your Income Doing What You Love". Well, what are my love letters for 2008. I have to make a list of it. Here it goes,
1. I love my hubby
2. I love my sons
3. I love reading books
4. I love listening to musics
5. I love decorating
6. I love to be alone
7. I love writing
8. I love to watch cooking programmes

What did I do to achieve/acknowledge my love? Mmm...I never thought about that. Maybe I should think about it. What did I do to show my love to my dearest hubby and sons...mmm...I babbled a lot, I guess. That's not the way to show them my love, is it?'s more difficult than I thought.

Raymond said, after you listed all your love, you can know how you can achieve all of it by any means of way. I'm thinking and still thinking about my love.
Each of our love has its own value. Some of them need money to reinforce but others are priceless. I love my hubby dearly coz he's always there for me, buying me things that I really much needed and love. He'll be cheering me if i need a little cheering ( eventhough he laughed at me whenever i'm talking about dieting...what's wrong with that?) I don't need money to make him happy. I'll be a better wife to him, that's all. Love him back the way he love me, support him and nurture our love again & again. (*wink*)
To my lovely sons, (even they are the cheekiest boys I've ever lived with...) mama will always love you. By all means, if i'm too tired to play with them, or i'm in the wrong mood, they just makes my day more "full". But that's understandable. Children will be children. You just can't ignore them.
Musics, books...those are the things that i can't live with (apart from my hubby & kids). I always love books from my day of A, B, Cs. I find it so exciting and full of new things that i never get to know by asking (and i'm not the type whose asking a lot.) Books makes me emotionally awake. Sometimes i cried, laughed, feel the hatred, curious & so on. And the musics are the mirror of it. You just get emotionally involved with the lyrics and melodies.
Raymond said, turn something that you love to work for you to double your income. I'm still reading the next chapter of his book. I need to know the way to this "money maker". I'll write again after i read it. Just have to wait!

Monday, December 1, 2008

At last..i've finished it!

Title : The Judas Heart
Author : Ingrid Black
Genre : Thriller
Date read : November 2008

Wahlah sei....after 2 weeks, i finally finished this book. The paces were slow and i can't help myself from stopping to read it. But actually it's a good book. It's about an ex-FBI who became a writer and at the same time still doing "the cop job" by helping the police solving a murderer case.
As the story goes, it's happens that the case she was investigating has something to do with her colleague in FBI. That's where the story goes chapter by chapter.
At the end, the motives of these killings were love and heart broken. When love blinded our eyes and mind, all we could see just hatred and vengence. We never felt that by leaving them in the hands of somebody who love them, we are giving them the best love to them. And why do we think by taking a revenge we've made the world even better? I donnu...anyone?
Ok...if you want to read this book, go ahead. It's not wayyyyy into my type but its still a good book. You just have to enjoy it.


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