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Thursday, April 9, 2015

A happy soul


Its a secret!
And if its a secret, I can't tell anyone
I'd love to share it
Coz its a happy news..
In fact, it was the greatest news I've ever heard from him coz I knew how much it meant to him
So, I'm waiting to share it

Yesterday, as he made it officially by sending out the cards, I felt relieved coz at last I can share it openly here...

To my best friend forever, my 'brotherhood' (as we called it ^_^), congratulations...
You will be a great husband, a great companion to her coz I knew you..

Next, we will wait for our bff to follow your suit. Hoping for the best of you.

Two will be, one more to go! Ahahahaha....


  1. wahhh mcm ari rabu pulak

    wednesday is a english day...ihihih

  2. Hi Kniedaz....lama tak singgah sini....
    Muka bakal pengantin ke tu....mmg nampak seronoknya

  3. Yg depan sekali bakal pengantin? Congrats to him in advance. :)

    1. Ada dua bakal pengantin, yang depan n yang sebelah dia.. ^_^

  4. amboi happy bakal pengantin
    yang tak bakal pengantin pun happy nampaknya!

  5. Congrats for both of them! Selamat menempuh alam baru. Yeahaa...

    Eh, melebih-lebih pulak dah ~_^


Thanks for the responds! (◡‿◡✿)


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