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Saturday, May 23, 2015

Cloudy Day...Family Day


It was a PEWANI's (Persatuan Wanita UiTMPP) Family Day today and am joining for the first time. Taking with me the boys and Yana (Yani is staying the night with her Tok Ibu at Penaga).

It was a good time for the boys and Yana. I felt happy for them. I won first prize in "Masukkan Manik Dalam Benang" figures cause I'm good with my hands (haha...exaggerated a bit ^_~)

It was great meeting new and old friends even tho I've to look after Yana cause she's not feeling too well today (she suddenly got flu and a mild fever). It's look like I'm not so good too...better take some medicines for the headache and flu.

Attaching some of the photos today. I looked up at the sky but didn't saw anything fancy...the weather was gloomy just like me...pray for speedy recovery for me and Yana. Amin.


Thanks for the responds! (◡‿◡✿)


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