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Friday, January 23, 2009

Yet more romance ... heheh

Definitely this is the month of romance and love for me. Tak caya? Huh...tengokla senarai buku yang Kniedaz baca bulan ni...semuanya novel romantik so kalau sesapa yang tak suka romance thingy, just ignored my entry..hehehe...

Title : Cinderfella
Author : Linda Jones
Genre : Romance
Date read : January 2009 (reread after 7 years)

Selalu kita dengar cerita Cinderella, pompuan yang kena jadi anak tiri n wat keje gila2 punya banyak. Tapi dalam cite ni, yang jadi "Cinderella" seorang lelaki yang gagah, hensem & sewaktu dengannya (mestilah semuanya hensem n macho...barulah romantik kan?). Kisah seorang pemilik ladang yang mempunyai 3 orang anak perempuan, 2 dah berkahwin dan tinggal di bandar lain. Seorang lagi anak yang bongsu tinggal ngan kakak dia. Nak jadikan cerita dia nak anak bongsu dia ni balik dan kawin ngan orang tempatan untuk uruskan ladang dia yang besar tu tapi anak dia ni jenis perempuan yang tak mau berkawin dan tak mau dok kat ladang. Bapak dia paksa jugak dia balik pastu adakan majlis tari menari 'masked ball' supaya semua lelaki bujang ble mix ngan anak dia ni. Malam tu dia menari ngan sorang mamat yang dia tak kenal sampai bapak dia naik rimas sebab dia tak mau menari ngan orang len. Pastu diorang p amik angin kat taman n time diorang kiss tu la bapak pompuan tu tembak mamat tu. Si mamat tu lari sampai tertinggal but yang dia pakai. Esoknya bapak dia bawak but tu n suruh semua orang kat kawasan tu try, At last dia jumpa mamat tu. Rupa-rupanya mamat tu kawan masa kecik si minah tu & bapak dia dulu memang gaduh ngan bapak mamat tu. Diorang kena paksa kawin dan bermulalah episod hidup diorang kat umah mamat tu. Mula2 memang tak suka, tapi lama2 terdetik rasa cinta tu tapi dua2 tak mau mengaku.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Another Judith McNaught

Title : Double Standards
Author : Judith McNaught
Date Read : January 2009
Genre : Romance

I've been meaning to write about this book last week but didn't have the mood to write. last today, i typing it down. Like many other Judith's novel, the love is all over the book. As far as two of her book I read, she likes to built her character among businessman and business world. Maybe i'm wrong about it.
Well, this time it's about a young girl (Lauren Danner) working in a company owned by a handsome, charming man (Nick Sinclair) as a spy. Yet she didn't know the man sending her to be a spy and her new boss were related and holding a grudge to each other. She didn't want to hurt him coz she was in love with him but she can't revealed herself as she knew that he'll never trust her again after that.
Mmmm...nak tau at the last pages, i cried when Lauren were threwn on the street without the chance to explain to Nick. Then she have to walk a long distance without coat (as it winter that time) to seek for help.
Well, sometimes men are too egoistic and self centered. I'm not condemning them as many of them are truly nice and gentlemen like.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Judith McNaught

Title : Remember When
Author : Judith McNaught
Date read : December 2008

If u love some romance in your booklist, you'll love Judith. Diana Foster always have a crush on Cole Harrison since she was a girl. Even though Cole was just a stable boy with a degree on his way, Diana and her friends were all around him for his attention. Then as they grew older, they were apart from each other until Diana was dumped by her fiance after two years engaged. Cole need to find him a wife or he'll lose his share of a booming multinational business which he worked hard for all his life and Diana need a husband to upheld her family's magazine empire. Well, the one thing they agreed on first was a marriage to save them both from their problems but they can't save themselves from the passion and true love.


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