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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Book Review - A Little Princess


Book Title : A Little Princess
Author : Frances Hodgson Burnett
Publisher : Aladdin Classics

A story of a young wealthy daughter of a Captain Crewe in India whom being sent to London. There, she lived a luxurious life not like any other children. Even though she were rich, she was a kind, smart and most imaginative girl that ever lived until her father died leaving her nothing but shabbiness after he lost all his money in diamond mining (or he thought so).

For her to live in the boarding school, she have to do all sorts of jobs and being scolded endlessly to satisfied  the evil heart of Miss Minchin, the school owner. In the attic, she befriend with a fellow maid Becky.

Her life was in turmoil until a gentleman from India moved into the next house giving much surprised to her hard life. To make it sweeter, the gentleman next door was her father's best friend who was looking for her after his father's death to hand over her money that was thought lost.

This book is originated written in 1905. Very entertaining and becoming an all time favourite book to be read all over the world. I love the book so much. I actually cried when Sara was starving but gave all her buns except one to a girl beggar. She's a little girl with a heart of a princess with good spirit and kindness. You will loved her if you read this book.

A nice book to read when you have the time. 10/10

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