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Saturday, November 10, 2012

If you were the sky and I were the sea


If you were the sky and I were the sea.

If you were the sky
Then I'd be the sea
And when you shined bright
It would reflect in me.
When you're at rest
Then I am steady.
If you wanna get rough
I'm always ready.
Past closing at the bars
If you show me the stars
I'll open right up
And cast them out far.
And on the darkest night
If you won't shine a light.
Then I'm silent alongside you
Until you feel right.
We'll meet at the horizon
Where lovers will stare
And wonder with passion
Why they can't meet there.
And you'll share me a kiss
As bright as two suns.
When they meet in the middle
I'll know the days done.
And I can tell that's your way of saying to me.
Goodnight my love.
If you were the sky and I were the sea.


  1. kalau aku ombak
    kaulah pantai

    andai aku meghempas
    kau bisa menyambut

    andai aku beralun
    kau tersenyum menari

    kita lain
    kita berbeza
    tapi tanpa kau pantai
    tiada makna menjadi ombak


    1. Hidup ni kan saling memerlukan..
      Barulah terasa lengkap diri ini

  2. if you were the sky and i were sea... see, we are still human. muahaha...


Thanks for the responds! (◡‿◡✿)


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